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Free 1 hour consultation to learn about what you expect, what I expect and your goals.

What do you offer?

Training Prices, Packages and Options

One on One

In Person Training:

One on One: 60 Min Session
1 Session: $60
3 Sessions: $180
6 Sessions: $330

Gym/Studio Options:
- Dimensions Studio of Arts and Athletics


Are you a busy body and only have a quick minute to leave the office? This one is for you!
Virtual Zoom Sessions available. Scroll down for price packages

Personal Written Programs

Do you know what your doing and are motivated on your own. I will write a personalized program designed for you and your goals. Contact me for Personalized price packages.

In Studio Workouts 

Workouts personalized for you and your goals in Studio Fit location

Bring a Friend
In Person: 60 Min Sessions

Train with 1, 2 or more of your friends
1 Friend: $60
2 Friends: $ 70
More: Contact Me for package deals

Virtual and Written Program Options

Are you COVID worried or just prefer to workout in your own home and/or on your own time? 
Or do you know what your doing and just want to go to the gym or your own home without thinking what to do next.
This is the place for you!

Virtual Training, Outdoor and In Home options

One on One 60 Min Virtual Sessions:
1 Session: $55
3 Sessions: $150
6 Sessions: $300

Contact me for more info:

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Personal Workout Program

Personalized Written Program for your goals:
Price Points differ ----

Contact Me for more info:

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